New Image Dental San Diego

New Image Dental San Diego

There are many different choices that a cosmetic dentist might use to deal with his patients. These option is usually implemented to treat the oral cavity and improve its current state. This specific field focuses read more about increasing the appearance and looks of the patients. Inspite of the focus there's also some procedures that restore function for the patient.


Bleaching is a procedure accustomed to make teeth whiter and give them an even color. There are numerous over-the-counter products that manufacturers sell to enable visitors to perform the lightening procedure in your own home. Although, some are effective, none is as effective as the procedure that is supervised through the dentist himself.

Using the supervision of the dentist, the treatment can be carried out based on the need and preferences of the patient. The dosage as well as the process itself may also be supervised from the dental office, meaning that there is little that may fail. The sessions may last up to many times in a month and may be repeated for a number of months before dental professional and the patient is happy with all the results.

Composite Bonding and Shaping

Among the issues that plague plenty of people will be the shape of the teeth that they were born with. Most of the people have something to complain about making use of their white teeth and something of the items are simpler to fix is shape. A cosmetic dentist has got the skill and chance to reshape teeth to some more natural appearance. It boils down to a credit card applicatoin from the composite, which can be white to complement natural teeth color. With the use of fine, the chips and breaks of the tooth might be reshaped and restructured to check natural. The reshaping is usually implemented to coordinate with all the complementing tooth the restructured tooth needs to meet. The bite needs to be a natural normal process to provide comfort for that patient as he or she chews of closes the mouth. An all natural fit is required in order for the patient being at ease with the newest alterations in the oral cavity.


Veneers are caps which are used to cover up imperfections that the teeth might have. There's two forms of veneers, namely the composite as well as the porcelain. Many like the more natural looking porcelain veneers although these are very likely to cracking and breaking compared to other one. The dentist will assess the patient and recommend what he thinks is the most suitable for them. Teeth which are discolored , nor react to the bleaching process may also be capped with the veneers. These caps provide an even and very straight appearance, and this can be attributed to superstar smiles as a result of perfection of their smiles. The dentist will assess the appearance with the smile and recommend which teeth might be capped.

New Image Dental San Diego

These are merely a number of the treatments and procedures that the cosmetic dental office may offer his patients. Others are also available upon discussion with the professional.

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